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Hi, I'm Trish Purcell.

My artistic vision is to create images that reveal the beauty of life in all its forms.  I am compelled to capture the human condition in all its trials and triumphs. I am also drawn to the changing seasons – the newness of spring, the fullness of summer, the splendor of fall, and the winter blanket of purity and solitude. There is no limit to the ways a subject can be rendered and still look unmistakably authentic. 


Portraiture is my new love. Painting a portrait ignites in me a passion to not only exceed photo-realism but to also capture the essence of the person. I continue to expand my skills by applying the distinguishable quality and technical skills of the great masters.  Studying and reproducing the paint application of greats like John Singer Sargent, Rembrandt, and Johannes Vermeer is an exciting place to spend an hour, a day, even a week. 


I am on an exciting journey and painting with joy and energy is evident in my finished work.  Each brushstroke on my canvas is a complex arrangement of colour, value, edges - the art happens in the mind of the viewer.


Each of my paintings is a work of art that exhibits beauty and timelessness that becomes a cherished possession and provides pleasure for many years to come.  


Coming Soon
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