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Create a work of art that becomes

a cherished personal moment and

provides pleasure for many years to come.

Portrait Criteria

Your portrait price is based on the following criteria:


  • The number of people or pets depicted 

  • The dimensions 

  • The intricacy of clothing, jewelry, etc.

  • the complexity of the background that you select.


It is my intention to accommodate both your vision and your price range when I create your custom heirloom. Commissions are individual and unique quotes depending on the size of the canvas and the number of subjects and detail.

Sample Pricing 


  9"x12"   |   $525

12”x12”   |   $600

12"x16"   |   $700

16"x20"   |   $900

18"x24"   | $1050

Instant Nostalgia

Commissioning of portrait painting is a significant and important undertaking. Your portrait will last for generations years after your family photos have faded. Paintings are separated by their varying degree of intricacies. Regardless of the degree of the complexity of the painting you commission, I always create an heirloom quality portrait masterpiece of the highest standards.


A portrait painting is always a collaboration between patron and artist, so the first step is to start a dialogue and establish the scope of the painting you desire. It is customary to communicate via email with images as your portrait comes to life. 

Here's What To Expect



Email me your photo option(s) and the names of 3-5 pieces of mine you particularly like.  This will help me get a sense of what look you prefer.



 I can create a piece for you in nearly any size.  If you are unsure of what size you'd like, it may help to tape a piece of paper (for example 20"x16") to the wall in the place you'd like the piece to go to help you visualize the size.  



Half of the total amount is due before I begin the work, and the remaining half when the piece is finished.



 When we're ready to proceed, I'll paint your piece!  I paint in oils, so if my schedule allows, it will take 2-4 weeks to paint, then another 3-4 weeks to dry enough to mail or take home. 

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